A nice strollin an unspoilt and Wild nature

Les grandes balades dans une nature sauvage et préservée

Le Pré Serroux is located in the core of the regional natural Park of Ballons des Vosges, well known from hikers, horse and bike riders, thanks to the hundreds of kilometers of marked trails, accessible to anyone, including the hiking trail GR 5. The routes wind uphill in large fir forests where torrents and lakes and peatland are to discover... You might even see chamois in a middle of a rich and particular flora. Above a 1000 meters altitude, the forest makes way to stubble fields and rocky crest, where some stunted beeches twist, and where we find yellow gentian and blueberry. Intersection between the regions of Alsace, Franche Comté and Lorraine, the gastronomy is not outdone.

In winter the region is a wonderful spot to downhill ski, cross-country ski, or snowshoe safely, for the whole family to live great adventures.

There are remarkable snowfalls at Ballon d'Alsace. Record was 3,20m on the 7/03/2006 (last record was 2,85 m).

La planche des Belles-Filles

La planche des Belles-Filles

La planche des Belles-Filles

Even closer, the Planche des Belles Filles is a ski resort with three ski lifts and four green to black pistes. Many tracks lead to the Ballon d'Alsace, and to other remarkable sites, including the split rock (la Roche Fendue), the pond of Beautiful Girls (l’étang des Belles Filles), the stubble of Querty...

The Planche des Belles-Filles was the finish line of the seventh stage of Tour de France in 2012.

Christian Prudhomme commented:

« The riders already know La Planche des Belles Filles, where the Trois Ballons end, but the professionals will now discover the final formidable ascent that leads to the resort. With almost 6 kilometers ascent, an average 8,5 % height difference and places at 20 %, the figures speak for themselves. »

Tour de France website

Le ballon

Le ballon

The Ballon d'Alsace is a summit and a national conservation area, situated just a few kilometres away from Le Pré Serroux. It is 1 247 m high, and offers amazing views, from the German Black Forest (East), the Swiss Alps mountain range (south) to the French Mont Blanc, that you can glimpse when the weather is clear. When you walk around the « balloon » following the small path, you walk past 4 departments and 3 regions.

Renowned for its clean air, you can cross-country ski and downhill ski on 10 pistes in winter season. There are also plenty of activities to do in summer: Acropark (acrobatic route) and, for even more sensations, tandem paragliding flights and beginner or advanced training courses with the professional paragliding school Pentair.



Enlighten your journey at Le pré Serroux with the colours of the Vosges of Saone.

Direct departure from the hotel: Treks supervised by a state-certified mountain guide.

Itineraries are adapted to anyone, individuals or groups.

Go off explore local heritage: fauna, flora, forests, local history, old trades, traditions, etc.

« A la carte » packages:

  • Half-day walk
    • Price: 80€ Individual (1 to 2 pers.) - 120€ Group (20 max)
  • One day walk with packed lunch (local products)  
    • Price: 150€ + lunch, Individual (1 to 2 pers.) - 120€ + lunch, Group (20 max)
  • Half-day snowshoeing 
    • Price: 80€ Individual (1 to 2 pers.) - 120€ Group (20 maxi)
  • Torchlight night walk with traditional meal
    • Price: 100€ + meal, Individual (1 to 2 pers.) - 130€ + meal, Group (20 max)

The Thousand Ponds

Les 1000 étangs

In the Southern Vosges, nestled in the Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park, only ten kilometres away from the hotel, the glaciers have shaped a unique landscape: The Plateau of the Thousand Ponds. Meadows and forests interspersed with streams and many ponds make it a fascinating area.

Discover our region your way: driving the 60km touristic road of the Thousand Ponds, walking or mountain biking on our trails, cycling on the roads of the famous Tour de France, or even find magical places on horseback!

You will be delighted by the diversity of the activities: fishing, visiting museums and cultural sites, discover remarkable gardens, or just relax at the edge of a pond! Entertainment abound: nature walks, music festivals, concerts, traditional market, etc…