Notre Dame du Haut chapel

La Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut

The Hill Notre-Dame du Haut, located in Ronchamp (Franche-Comté) in the east of France, is a place of great historical, artistic and spiritual value.

The chapel, a contemporary architectural work built by Le Corbusier in 1955, is part of an exceptional natural environment. The panorama unfolds on four horizons with a unique view of the Vosges Mountains.

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Lion de Belfort

Lion de Belfort

The Lion of Belfort is a monumental sculpture by Frédéric Bartholdi, sculptor of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

The lion symbolizes the heroic French resistance during the Siege of Belfort, a 103-day Prussian assault (1870 - 1871).

It was finished in 1880 and is entirely made of Vosges red sandstone. The colossal work is 22 meters long and 11 meters high and dominates the local landscape.

Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano Building Workshop has completed a monastery built into the side of a hill at the site of Le Corbusier's chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut in Ronchamp.

The monastery comprises twelve concrete living units for the resident community of Poor Clare nuns, plus communal areas, an oratory and a visitor's lodge.

The living units are set into the hillside in small clusters and have their own individual winter gardens.

Piano has collaborated with landscape designer Michel Corajoud to ensure the buildings blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment and do not detract from Le Corbusier's chapel.